Thursday, April 2, 2009

april showers bring lambs to flowers

Spring this year has been a challenge to say the least. Luckily we have space for all our animals inside barns, so they have water and dry food. We are almost done lambing and have had 4 heifers and one bull born to the beef herd so far. The young animals should be ready to start grazing when the grass is ready for them. The sheep and lambs are the first to get the pastures because they are light weight and do not tear up the fields as they dash along nose to the ground looking for the best bite. We have four "bum" lambs enjoying refuge in the greenhouse just outside the back door of our house. These lambs were rejected by their mothers or were sickly or judged by sage to "need the house" years of experience her only explanation. These lambs have been getting bottles 3-4 times a day since January 13. They started eating grass in mid February, now they are finally mostly weaned and getting treats of soymeal to help their rumens. They are very cute and friendly and had a cozy heat lamp in the coldest weather. They would come out of their lamp area slurp down their bottles and go lay back under the heat. Next they must meet their cousins in the sheep barn and give the greenhouse back.We want to plant seeds for the little one meal size zuchinni we are going to sell at the farmers markets. Great plans for our customer's diners.

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